A Ku-Band Hair-Pin Resonator Oscillator with a New Varactor Coupled Line Structure

개선된 바랙터 결합 선로를 이용한 Ku-Band 헤어핀 발진기 설계

  • Choi, Kwang-Seok (Department of Electronic Engineering, Sogang University) ;
  • Won, Duck-Ho (Department of Electronic Engineering, Sogang University) ;
  • Yun, Sang-Won (Department of Electronic Engineering, Sogang University)
  • Published : 2010.01.31


In this paper, we propose a new varactor coupled line structure and design the VCO using the proposed structure. The proposed coupled line structure removes the reflected signals from the varactor diode using an added $\lambda$/4 transmission line. The frequency synthesizers are designed using the PLL technique at Ku-band. The synthesizer using the proposed coupled structure has 38 MHz frequency tuning range and -97 dBc/Hz phase noise characteristic at 100 KHz offset frequency. The measured results show improved tuning range as well as the improved phase noise characteristics compared to the conventional designs.


Hair-pin Oscillator;Coupled Line;Varactor;Tuning Frequency;Phase Noise


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