Bit Error Reduction for Holographic Data Storage System Using Subclustering

서브클러스터링을 이용한 홀로그래픽 정보저장 시스템의 비트 에러 보정 기법

  • Received : 2009.09.01
  • Accepted : 2010.03.12
  • Published : 2010.03.25


Data storage related with writing and retrieving requires high storage capacity, fast transfer rate and less access time. Today any data storage system cannot satisfy these conditions, however holographic data storage system can perform faster data transfer rate because it is a page oriented memory system using volume hologram in writing and retrieving data. System can be constructed without mechanical actuating part so fast data transfer rate and high storage capacity about 1Tb/cm3 can be realized. In this research, to correct errors of binary data stored in holographic data storage system, a new method for reduction errors is suggested. First, find cluster centers using subtractive clustering algorithm then reduce intensities of pixels around cluster centers. By using this error reduction method following results are obtained ; the effect of Inter Pixel Interference noise in the holographic data storage system is decreased and the intensity profile of data page becomes uniform therefore the better data storage system can be constructed.


Supported by : 한국과학재단


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