Optical Properties of (V, Pr)-doped ZrSiO4 Green Pigments

바나듐과 프라세오디뮴을 사용한 지르콘녹색안료의 광학적 특성

  • Pyon, Kyu-Ri (Department of Material Science & Engineering, Myongji University) ;
  • Lee, Byung-Ha (Department of Material Science & Engineering, Myongji University)
  • 변규리 (명지대학교 신소재공학과) ;
  • 이병하 (명지대학교 신소재공학과)
  • Received : 2010.03.25
  • Accepted : 2010.04.19
  • Published : 2010.05.31


To investigate optical properties of (V, Pr)-doped $ZrSiO_4$ green pigments, samples were prepared by the ceramic method using NaF and NaCl as mineralizers. They were characterized by X-ray diffraction, UV-Vis spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The changes of color in the samples during heating and effect of mineralizers were studied in terms of valence of the vanadium and praseodymium in the zircon matrix. (V, Pr)-doped $ZrSiO_4$ pigments give rise to green coloration in $800^{\circ}C$. The oxidation state of V and Pr ions of pigments in the glazed samples were confirmed by UV-Vis absorption spectra. This absorption spectra showed three typical bands of trivalent Pr at the 445, 480~490, 592 nm due to f-f transitions and two broad bands of 302~380, 400~500 nm due to f-d transitions of tetravalent Pr. According to the increasing amounts of $Pr_6O_{11}$, the two broad bands showed decreasing intensity at 290, 640 nm due to d-d transitions of tetravalent V.


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