Building Cooperation Policing Systems and Roles of Private Security

협력치안체제구축과 민간경비의 역할

  • 석청호 (백석대학교 법정경찰학부)
  • Received : 2010.07.26
  • Accepted : 2010.09.24
  • Published : 2010.09.30


Today, the police alone can not prevent a crime. And the police is limited to meet for people's the increased needs on public safety. So the police and the community needs the cooperation of a variety of resources. Police in cooperation with community resources to respond to the crime's most professional and the private sector is a private security. However, the role of private security for cooperation policing is insufficient in South Korea. So for this study to build a cooperative policing in South Korea as private security for the following four kinds of directions are presented. First, as a private security of the United States and Japan, specializes in diversified business sectors. Simple human-oriented private security of the building security get out. Instead, take the high-tech crime prevention or industry complex security should be changed to a professional organization. Second, the interaction between police and private security should be increased. Police and private security through regular meetings between the need for mutual interests and build consensus is needed. The role of private security companies to be represented on the Security Association of South Korea's active role in the matter. Third, efforts to improve the image of private security activities and the publiciy activity of private security is needed. Some of the private security in an effort to escape a negative image to the people and actively promote a positive image is necessary. Finally, for South Korea to the level the cooperation between the police and private security are required to develop system models. Front-line policing priority in the field and the mutual understanding between the police and private security in an effort to have a positive perception is needed. Equal partners, especially the police and private security to private security companies to have recognized experts in their own recruitment and training should be improved by strengthening the expertise.