An Influence on the Change of Consumer Purchase Behavior by Package Design - Focusing on the Natural Flavor Packaging Design -

포장디자인의 변화가 소비자 구매행동에 미치는 영향 - 자연조미료 포장디자인을 중심으로 -

  • 김선주 (숭실대학교 대학원 미디어학과) ;
  • 이대영 (숭실대학교 대학원 미디어학과) ;
  • 성정환 (숭실대학교 대학원 미디어학과)
  • Published : 2010.02.28


Consumer's buying loyalty for goods can be changed by exposure to new stimulus, so different with others and esthetical packaging design is necessary for drawing the eyes of consumer at this time. In this study, we made up a questionnaire and analyzed thirties who is judged as a substantial consumer for recognition of newly launched seasoning packaging design. They answered there is no specific character comparatively in existing seasoning packaging design and gave a high appraisal on symbolism of calligraphy logotype which is produced by attributes but got a low appraisal on readability. And they appraised Cheong-jeong-won Maat-seon-saeng higher than Da-si-da San-deul-e on safety, quality preservation, and exhibitivity and chose safety and preservation among those as essential element inducing to buy.


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