Implementation of Digital Light Drawing System based on Stereo Vision

스테레오 비전 기반 Light Drawing 시스템 구현

  • 박원배 (숭실대학교 미디어학과) ;
  • 박창범 (숭실대학교 미디어학과) ;
  • 백두원 (숭실대학교 미디어학과)
  • Published : 2010.02.28


Light Drawing is a photographic technique which exposures are made at night or in a darkened room usually by moving a hand-held light source[1]. Due to the limitations of equipment and environment, users having difficulty in drawing a picture in 3D space. If user take a light drawing, they need a camera that have function and darkened environment. Alternative solution is that we can make a light drawing picture by using the computer drawing tool as in Photoshop. Nevertheless, this solution will let the User lose their interest in drawing because this solution cannot synchronize between the real action of human hand motion and the electronic input devices such as mouse and keyboard. This paper proposed a digital content that can make light drawing easier. We used a digital content that will facility Light Drawing easier. We can measure the light spot position by using the stereo camera. Based on the measured position of the light spot, we reproduce light drawing in virtual space by using drawing effect method.


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