Revitalization Plan of Calligraphy in Outdoor Store Sign Design - Focus on the District of Gyeyang at Incheon -

옥외간판디자인에서 캘리그라피 활성화 방안 - 인천시 계양구 중심으로 -

  • 김정희 (경인여자대학 디자인학부)
  • Published : 2010.02.28


In the current so-called age of emotion marketing, the independent form of handwriting of calligraphy is being revitalized in various fields such as advertising, book designs, film titles, posters, packages, BI, and even fashion. Thus centered on Gyeyang-gu at the city of Incheon, 100 outdoors signs that used calligraphy were chosen and we researched a reform plan that could revitalize calligraphy in outdoor signs by classifying them according to current conditions of the use of calligraphy, actual conditions of practical use, expression tools, and analyzing the use of colors. The result was trial requests not only from the formalities industry, but also the financial sector, public corporations, and several other businesses, but in order to provide not only for franchise brand logotypes manufactured by expensive experts, but also provide production of high-quality calligraphy for low costs for small private enterprises, the development of a diverse calligraphy education program, centered on the regional society, will be needed. In the midst of globalization, in order to advertise the beauty of Korean alphabet and to create our own unique street culture, a variety of tools and tactile expressions are demanded, in the future the research on the calligraphy of outdoor signs must be revitalized.


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