The Significance of the Chromatic Value of the Color White

흰색의 의미와 적용에 대한 기초 연구

  • 박현주 (상명대학교 조형예술학부) ;
  • 나지영 (상명대학교 조형예술학부)
  • Published : 2010.02.28


Being an element of plastic arts and a language of plastic forms, the color white has significant potential for improving the quality of physical environment. Colors are dealt with scientifically in chromatics, and also often become an interesting topic when analyzing a society and its history and culture. Thus, an in-depth study of the symbolism of color white and, of white pigment are required because the color has not only an important chromatic value and this should be understood a great deal, but also been the important symbol of a culture in a particular period. This paper examined the significance of the color white identified in Asian and Western cultures based on scientific and psychological understanding of the color. This also analyzed a few major white pigments, then demonstrated different methods of using the pigments and various techniques of expression used by Asian and Western painters. In addition, the paper attempted to raise awareness of the color white as chromatic color over non-color by examining the contrasting viewpoints on the color, and the changes in the viewpoints over time and place.


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