Usefulness of Stanislavski's 'Physical Action' as a Method to Approach to Acting

연기접근 방법론으로서 스타니슬라브스키의 '신체적 행동'의 효용성

  • 한진수 (경성대학교 연극영화학부)
  • Published : 2010.02.28


The method to approach to acting today is based upon Stanislavski's initial theories. This method that emphasizes actors' inner world makes actors nervous and frustrated over again. Watching actors' agony, Stanislavski tried to find a fine method all his life that actors could approach to acting more easily. He, at last, created a new method in the sunset of his life, so called physical action, which approaches to emotion through action. However, it has not been accepted widely because it was transmitted to the western world too late. Emotion is not the thing that everyone can handle freely. But everyone can handle action easily. It can, therefore, be an excellent method to reduce actors' agony. This study tried to experience Stanislavski's physical action with a text and to find out how it works as an acting method. As a result of it, Stanislavski's physical action proved to be a valuable method to complement the existing one, and also to have many other positive effects on the natures of acting.


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