The Phase Separation Characteristics of Bunsen Reaction with HIx Solution in Sulfur-Iodine Hydrogen Production Process

황-요오드 수소 제조 공정에서 HIx 용액을 이용한 분젠 반응의 상 분리 특성

  • Received : 2010.11.01
  • Accepted : 2010.12.17
  • Published : 2010.12.31


In order to confirm the effect of $HI_x$ solution on Bunsen reaction in Sulfur-Iodine thermochemical hydrogen production process, the reaction was investigated using $HI_x$ solution as a reactant. The phase separation characteristics of reaction with $HI_x$ solution were compared with the reaction using $I_2$ and $H_2O$ as reactants. Firstly, saturation points of $I_2$ in $HI_x$ solution at various temperatures were investigated to determine reaction conditions. With increasing temperature, the amounts of unreacted $I_2$ and $H_2O$ in $HI_x$ solution were increased, while impurities (HI in $H_2SO_4$ phase and $H_2SO_4$ in $HI_x$ phase) in each phase were decreased. The volumes of $H_2SO_4$ phase obtained from Bunsen reaction with $HI_x$ solution was relatively less than those obtained from the reaction with $I_2$ and $H_2O$. The difficulty of phase separation in Bunsen reaction using $HI_x$ solution may be due to the insufficient amount of $H_2O$ existed in $HI_x$ phase after reaction. Therefore, we concluded that the supplement amount of $H_2O$ should be calculated on the basis of the moles of HI and $H_2SO_4$ and added to the reaction system for good phase separation.


Sulfur-Iodine process;Hydrogen production;Bunsen reaction;$HI_x$solution


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Grant : 원자력수소 핵심기술개발사업