Thermal and Electrical Properties of PS/MWCNT Composite Prepared by Solution Mixing: Effect of Surface Modification of MWCNT

Solution Mixing법에 의한 PS/MWCNT 복합재료의 열 및 전기전도 특성: MWCNT 표면 개질의 영향

  • Park, Eun-Ju (Department of Chemical Engineering, Inha University) ;
  • Lee, Jeong-Woo (Department of Chemical Engineering, Inha University) ;
  • Jung, Dong-Soo (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Inha University) ;
  • Shim, Sang-Eun (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Inha University)
  • Received : 2010.01.08
  • Accepted : 2010.01.19
  • Published : 2010.03.30


Herein, the effect of the dispersion uniformity of the multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) on the thermal and electrical conductivity of polystyrene (PS)/MWCNT composite was investigated. The PS/MWCNT composites were prepared by solution mixing from dispersions of various MWCNTs in PS/tetrahydrofuran (THF) solution. Three types of MWCNTs were used; pristine MWCNT, hydroxyl functionalized MWCNT, which was functionalized with $KMnO_4$ in the presence of a phase transfer catalyst at room temperature, and pristine MWCNT with BYK-9077 as a dispersant. It was found that the stable dispersion state of MWCNT in PS/THF solutions significantly improved the thermal and electrical conductivity of the ultimate composites. It is noted that the thermal and electrical conductivity of PS/3 wt% pristine MWCNT composite with BYK-9077 were about 9.4 and 30~50% higher than those of PS/3 wt% pristine MWCNT composite, respectively.


Supported by : Korea Science and Engineering Foundation


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