Estimation of Contact Pressure of a Flat Wiper Blade by Dynamic Analysis

플랫 타입 와이퍼 블레이드의 동적 해석을 통한 누름압 예측

  • Received : 2009.11.24
  • Accepted : 2010.05.27
  • Published : 2010.07.01


The wiper system of a vehicle is important because it wipes the windshield, thereby enabling drivers to see through the windshield even under conditions of rain and snow. The blade is the key component of the wiper system because it wipes the windshield. When wiper-arm spring causes the blade to be pressed on the windshield optimum performance of wiping can be achieved when appropriate contact pressure is maintained. In this study, a dynamic analysis of the wiper system is carried out. A three-dimensional finite-element model of the wiper system is generated using SAMCEF, a commercial structural dynamic analysis program. The distribution of the contact pressure of the blade in its dynamic state is calculated. The simulation result is compared to the experiment result. Using the results of this study, the contact pressure of the blade can be estimated.


Wiper;Contact pressure;Blade;Hyperelastic


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