Determination and preconcentration of Cu(II) using microcrystalline p-Dichlorobenzene loaded with salicylaldoxime

Salicylaldoxime이 내포된 p-Dichlorobenzene 미세결정을 이용한 Cu(II)의 예비농축 및 정량

  • Lee, Ha-Na (Department of Chemistry, The University of Suwon) ;
  • Choi, Hee-Seon (Department of Chemistry, The University of Suwon)
  • Received : 2010.01.15
  • Accepted : 2010.05.03
  • Published : 2010.06.25


A technique for the determination of trace Cu(II) in various real samples by FAAS after the column preconcentration onto p-dichlorobenzene-SA adsorbent, which is microcrystalline p-dichlorobenzene loaded with salicylaldoxime (SA) has been developed. Several experimental conditions such as pH of the sample solution, the amount of chelating agent salicylaldoxime, the amount of adsorbent p-dichlorobenzene-SA, and flow rate of sample solution were optimized. The interfering effects of various concomitant ions were investigated. $CN^-$ interfered more seriously than any other ions. However, the interference by $1\;{\mu}g\;mL^{-1}\;CN^-$ could be overcome completely by controlling the concentration of Ni(II) to $20\;{\mu}g\;mL^{-1}$. The linear range, correlation coefficient ($R^2$) and detection limit obtained by this technique were $3.0\sim100\;ng\;mL^{-1}$, 0.9901, and $3.1\;ng\;mL^{-1}$, respectively. For validating this technique, the aqueous samples (wastewater, reservoir water and stream water) and the food samples (orange juice, fresh egg and skim milk) were used. Recovery yields of 93~104% were obtained. These measured mean values were not differents from ICP-MS data at 95% confidence level. The good results were obtained from the experiments using the rice flour certified reference material (CRM) sample. Based on the experimental results, it was found that this technique could be applied to the preconcentration and determination of Cu(II) for various real samples.


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