Analytical trend of perfluorinated compounds in environmental and biota samples

환경 및 생체시료 중 과불화 화합물의 분석 동향

  • Received : 2010.04.16
  • Accepted : 2010.07.04
  • Published : 2010.08.25


Perfluorinated compounds have characteristics of resistance to heat, acidic, basic conditions and also resist water, oil, grease, pollutant. Futhermore they are used by various industrial material, nowadays, they produced in large scale for indutrial and commercial areas. However, they also resist metabolizing and degrading in environmental system (plant, animal, even human body). Moreover, in animal's bodies, PFCs can be accumulated in organ (eg; liver) and lead to liver cell necrosis even oncogenesis. Perfluorinated compounds are newly registered as new persistent organic pollutants (POPs) on Stockholm convention in 2009. Therefore necessity for analytical methodology for determination of PFCs in various environmental samples is even more increased. This study discussed sample preparation and instrumental conditions for the analysis of PFCs in environmental and biota samples.


perfluorinated compounds;sediments;sludge;blood;plasma;serum;LC-MS;LC-MS/MS


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