Support Vector Machine and Improved Adaptive Median Filtering for Impulse Noise Removal from Images

영상에서 Support Vector Machine과 개선된 Adaptive Median 필터를 이용한 임펄스 잡음 제거

Lee, Dae-Geun;Park, Min-Jae;Kim, Jeong-Uk;Kim, Do-Yoon;Kim, Dong-Wook;Lim, Dong-Hoon

  • Received : 20090800
  • Accepted : 20090900
  • Published : 2010.02.28


Images are often corrupted by impulse noise due to a noise sensor or channel transmission errors. The filter based on SVM(Support Vector Machine) and the improved adaptive median filtering is proposed to preserve image details while suppressing impulse noise for image restoration. Our approach uses an SVM impulse detector to judge whether the input pixel is noise. If a pixel is detected as a noisy pixel, the improved adaptive median filter is used to replace it. To demonstrate the performance of the proposed filter, extensive simulation experiments have been conducted under both salt-and-pepper and random-valued impulse noise models to compare our method with many other well known filters in the qualitative measure and quantitative measures such as PSNR and MAE. Experimental results indicate that the proposed filter performs significantly better than many other existing filters.


Support vector machine;improved Adaptive median filter;impulse noise;noise removal


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