• Received : 2009.03.25
  • Published : 2010.09.30


We prove that the reduced free product of $k\;{\times}\;k$ matrix algebras over abelian $C^*$-algebras is not the minimal tensor product of reduced free products of $k\;{\times}\;k$ matrix algebras over abelian $C^*$-algebras. It is shown that the reduced group $C^*$-algebra associated with a group having the property T of Kazhdan is not isomorphic to a reduced free product of abelian $C^*$-algebras or the minimal tensor product of such reduced free products. The infinite tensor product of reduced free products of abelian $C^*$-algebras is not isomorphic to the tensor product of a nuclear $C^*$-algebra and a reduced free product of abelian $C^*$-algebra. We discuss the freeness of free product $II_1$-factors and solidity of free product $II_1$-factors weaker than that of Ozawa. We show that the freeness in a free product is related to the existence of Cartan subalgebras in free product $II_1$-factors. Finally, we give a free product factor which is not solid in the weak sense.


free product of $C^*$-algebras;Powers' group;minimal tensor product;stable rank 1;prime factor;property T;Cartan subalgebra


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Supported by : Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF)