• Ozkoc, Murad ;
  • Aslim, Gulhan
  • Received : 2009.04.09
  • Published : 2010.09.30


A new class of generalized open sets in a topological space, called e-open sets, is introduced and some properties are obtained by Ekici [6]. This class is contained in the class of $\delta$-semi-preopen (or $\delta-\beta$-open) sets and weaker than both $\delta$-semiopen sets and $\delta$-preopen sets. In order to investigate some different properties we introduce two strong form of e-open sets called e-regular sets and e-$\theta$-open sets. By means of e-$\theta$-open sets we also introduce a new class of functions called strongly $\theta$-e-continuous functions which is a generalization of $\theta$-precontinuous functions. Some characterizations concerning strongly $\theta$-e-continuous functions are obtained.


e-open sets;e-$\theta$-closed sets;e-regular sets;strongly $\theta$-e-continuous functions


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