Ecological Characteristics of Papaver radicatum var. pseudoradicatum Population on Mt. Changbai in China

중국(中國) 장백산(長白山)의 두메양귀비(Papaver radicatum var. pseudoradicatum) 개체군 생태에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2010.06.29
  • Accepted : 2010.07.23
  • Published : 2010.08.31


This research conducted a vegetation survey on Mt. Changbai which are habitats of Papaver radicatum var. pseudoradicatum to obtain a basic data for artificial cultivation. The habitas of P. radicatum var. pseudoradicatum consisted of two communities as Dryas octopetala var. asiatica community and Aconogonon ajanense community. The community units as D. octopetala var. asiatica community and A. ajanense community belong to alpine vegetation in Mt. Changbai. A. ajanense community is distributed around altitude of 2007-2061m, and D. octopetala var. asiatica community is distributed altitude of 2350-2570m at relatively high elevation. According to the correlation between the vegetation structure and elevation. This vegetation structure can be simplified at the herb layer. The vegetation is classified into D. octopetala var. asiatica community and A. ajanense community on the axis 1 basis in the BC ordination analysis. Further, there appeared higher plant life totalling to 40 taxa comprising 35 species, 4 varieties and 1 forma with 20 families and 34 genuses at the whole survey area. Among these, Cyperaceae and Ericaceae plants excellent in resistance to environment was surveyed the most, accounting for 16%.


Papaver radicatum var. pseudoradicatum;Vegetation;Habitat;Elevation


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