Development of a Simulator of a Magnetic Suspension and Balance System

Lee, Dong-Kyu;Lee, Jun-Seong;Han, Jae-Hung;Kawamura, Yoshiyuki;Chung, Sang-Joon

  • Published : 2010.09.15


The increased demand for a higher performing magnetic suspension and balance system (MSBS) resulted in an increase in costs for the efforts necessary for achieving an improved MSBS. Therefore, MSBS performance should be predicted during the design in order to reduce risk. This paper presents the modeling and simulation of an MSBS that controls 6-degree of freedom (DOF) of an aerodynamic body within the MSBS. Permanent magnets and electromagnets were modeled as coils, and this assumption was verified by experimental results. Finally, an MSBS simulator was developed, predicting that the MSBS is able to contain the model within a bounded region as well as measure external forces acting on the body during wind tunnel tests.


Magnetic suspension and balance system;Modeling;Simulation;Performance prediction


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