Previewer Design and Implementation for Grid/Particle based Fluid Simulation Data

격자/입자기반 유체 시뮬레이션 데이터를 위한 프리뷰어의 설계 및 구현

  • Received : 2010.03.17
  • Accepted : 2010.06.29
  • Published : 2010.09.28


Computer Graphics(CG) are very important in the movie industries. Recently, many domestic CG Companies participate in a movie creation. However, most companies only use commercial tools, and do not concentrate on developing techniques. This is why they use the commercial tools in spite of its lack of functions. In this paper, we explain the importance of developing technical tools to complement the shortage of commercial tools through the previewer for fluid simulation. We present how we design and implement the previewer to specialize it for fluid simulation. Finally, we estimate our previewer's performance and discuss with result.


Fluid Simulation;Particle Visualization;Tool;Motion Blur


Supported by : 한국콘텐츠진흥원


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