Research on Art Education through Paintings -Centering on the Paintings in the Latter Period of the 20th Century-

회화를 통한 미술교육 -20세기 후기 회화를 중심으로-

  • 안대현 (한남대학교 교육대학원 미술교육과)
  • Received : 2010.07.12
  • Accepted : 2010.09.17
  • Published : 2010.09.28


The art education in the latter period of the 20th century was conducted in the same cramming method as education of expressionism and pragmatism from beginning to end, while post-modernism can be interpreted as a viewpoint of reflecting the diversity, popularity and needs of the era. Under such circumstances, this research is aimed at looking for an educational method that can reflect the educational method of this present period. Thus, this research is trying to analyze the works of some artists showing a variety of styles of the post-modernism period and to inquire into a new direction at a viewpoint of the post-modernism where divers cultures co-exist. This research considered these artists' works as the objects for comparison because there exists an aspect of something in common in that there are more diverse-style-based expression in the post-modernism art education though their subject and format are different individually. Therefore, this research is conducted at a viewpoint of assisting in the understanding of more diverse style-based painting in the post-modernism education.


Post-Modernism;Art Education;Painting


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