Study on Driving System for Tidal Flat Vehicle

연약갯벌 차량용 주행장치 개발에 관한 연구

  • Yeu, Tae-Kyeong (Ocean Engineering Research Department, MOERI/KORDI) ;
  • Hong, Sup (Ocean Engineering Research Department, MOERI/KORDI) ;
  • Kim, Hyung-Woo (Ocean Engineering Research Department, MOERI/KORDI) ;
  • Choi, Jong-Su (Ocean Engineering Research Department, MOERI/KORDI)
  • 여태경 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템연구부) ;
  • 홍섭 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템연구부) ;
  • 김형우 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템연구부) ;
  • 최종수 (한국해양연구원 해양시스템연구부)
  • Received : 2010.05.13
  • Accepted : 2010.06.18
  • Published : 2010.06.30


This paper presents a design approach of driving system for tidal flat vehicle. Firstly, topographic and geological survey of tidal flat zone was accomplished. 'Anac' located in the west-south coast of South Korea was chosen for the survey area. From the survey, the basic design data such as distribution of gullies size and bearing pressure was obtained. To figure out the shape of driving system, numerical simulations were carried out. Through the numerical dynamic simulations using $Recurdyn^{TM}$, the performance of various concepts of driving system was analyzed. From the results, we propose the conceptual design with the functions: a) low contact pressure, b) powerful driving force transmission, c) adaptation to the ground undulation. To satisfy these functional requirements, the driving system adopts rubber tracks, sprockets, tires and suspensions. The static structural analysis of the frame structure was executed as well, from which the detailed design was drawn out. To validate the performance of the designed driving system, the test vehicle which has gasoline engine of 27HP and mechanical transmission was constructed. The driving tests of the vehicle were performed twice at the "Anac" area, and unveiled its capability.


Driving system;Tidal flat vehicle;Topographic and geological survey;Numerical simulation;In-situ driving Test


Grant : 친환경 갯벌 차량 기술개발(주행장치)


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