The Use of a Biplot in Studying the Career Maturity of College Freshmen

행렬도를 이용한 대학 신입생의 진로의식 분석

Choi, Hye-Mi;Park, Chan-Yong;Lee, Sang-Hyeop;Chung, Sung-Suk

  • Received : 20100300
  • Accepted : 20100800
  • Published : 2010.10.31


Biplot is a modern graphical methodology allowing for the projection of high-dimensional data to a low-dimensional subspace that is rich in information on variation in the data, correlation among variables as well as class separation. For the construction of biplots, we use a BiplotGUI package in a free statistical software R with increasing popularity. Moreover, using data from questionnaires given to Chonbuk National University freshmen in 2009, the relationship between career goals and career maturity are studied by applying the biplot method.


Biplot;R package;principal component analysis;career maturity


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