Drop Analysis of a Package and Cushion Performance of Drum Washing Machine

드럼 세탁기 포장재 낙하해석 및 완충 특성

  • Kim, Chang-Sub (Samsung Electronics Digital Appliances Business R&D Team) ;
  • Bae, Bong-Kook (Samsung Electronics CS Environment Center) ;
  • Sung, Do-Young (Samsung Electronics Digital Appliances Business R&D Team)
  • 김창섭 (삼성전자 CS 환경센터) ;
  • 배봉국 (삼성전자 생활가전사업부 개발팀) ;
  • 성도영 (삼성전자 CS 환경센터)
  • Received : 2010.05.13
  • Accepted : 2010.08.17
  • Published : 2010.11.01


The analysis of the dynamic behavior of the packaging of a drum washing machine has been carried out under the drop impact conditions. LS-DYNA software is used for performing the finite element analysis, and the validations are performed by comparing with the impact acceleration, effective stress and deformation of cushioned package with high-speed camera during free drop test. By analyzing the cushion characteristics and the design parameters of the original packaging, a packaging with an improved design is developed, and this design is validated on the basis of the results of the distribution test which consists of drop test, vibration test, stacking test, squeez test and so on. The drop impact simulation and analysis methods developed in this study can be adopted to successfully improve the cushioning provided by the packaging and to reduce the cost involved in developing new packaging for drum washing machines.


Drop Impact;EPS(Expanded Polystyrene);Cushioned Package;Drum Washing Machine


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