Design and Implementation of Real-time Implanted Kernel, RTiK to Support Real-time for a Test Set based on Windows

윈도우 기반의 점검장비에 실시간성을 지원하는 실시간 이식 커널의 설계 및 구현

  • Received : 2010.09.15
  • Accepted : 2010.10.25
  • Published : 2010.10.28


Recently, as new weapons are being developed, test equipments to test their functions inevitably require real-time features. However, since test equipments based on Windows can not support real-time requirements, we have no choice but to use third-party solutions such as RTX or INtime. This leads to increase the development cost of each test equipment. This paper suggests an real-time implemented kernel(RTiK) which operates as a device driver on Windows. RTiK provides another timer using the Local APIC of x86 microprocessors. It supports real-time requirements by periodically executing the required services using Windows-independent timer interrupts to guarantee task deadlines. To reduce the interrupt latency, we used deferred procedure calls provided by Windows. We also used the export driver to implement and modify user-defined functions without accessing the RTiK internals. Using an oscilloscope, we prove that the RTiK kernel proposed in this paper guarantees up to 0.1ms periods.


Windows;Test Equipments;RTiK;Deferred Procedure Calls


Grant : 점검장비용 실시간 윈도우 운영체계(RTiK) 개발

Supported by : LIG넥스원


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