Olefinic Thermoplastic Elastomer and Styrenic Thermoplastic Elastomer

올레핀/스티렌 열가소성 탄성체 및 올레핀/$\alpha$-올레핀 열가소성 탄성체

  • Kim, Dong-Hyun (Cleaner Production Center, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) ;
  • Kim, Hyun-Joon (Cleaner Production Center, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology) ;
  • Lee, Bum-Jae (Department of Fine Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, Chungnam National University)
  • 김동현 (한국생산기술연구원 청정공정센터) ;
  • 김현준 (한국생산기술연구원 청정공정센터) ;
  • 이범재 (충남대학교 정밀응용학과)
  • Received : 2010.07.12
  • Accepted : 2010.07.28
  • Published : 2010.09.30


Olefinic thermoplastic elastomer and styrenic thermoplastic elastomer have broad hardness range, high flexibility, low density, and excellent recyclability. But, they are limited in applications due to their low elasticity and low operating temperature. To overcome these problems, olefin/styrene or olefin/$\alpha$-olefin copolymers have been developed. In this review, we described some examples of olefin/styrene or olefin/$\alpha$-olefin copolymer and introduced their properties. Although olefin/styrene or olefin/$\alpha$-olefin copolymer have various weaknesses, they have a great potential in the future.


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