Development of Learn-by-Doing Programs on Engineering Career Education Conducted with Collaboration from Private Company Engineers

  • Oka, T. (Niigata University) ;
  • Tanabe, Y. (Niigata University) ;
  • Harada, S. (Niigata University) ;
  • Abe, K. (Niigata University) ;
  • Ishii, N. (Niigata University) ;
  • Maruyama, T. (Niigata University) ;
  • Sato, T. (Niigata University) ;
  • Imaizumi, H. (Niigata University) ;
  • Nishimura, S. (Niigata University) ;
  • Sengoku, M. (Niigata University) ;
  • Ohkaw, H. (Niigata University)
  • Received : 2009.12.04
  • Accepted : 2010.05.10
  • Published : 2010.05.31


We have constructed three characteristic internship programs which were based on the different aspects of view by the grant in aid from MEXT of Japanese government. The most outstanding program is what we call "Market Internship", where the students directly approach the market in which the engineering technologies are utilized. Then they must find out the problems and advantages of engineering technologies from the view of consumers. The experience would result in the enhancement of motivation to study the engineering technologies. It would be substantially effective in engineering education curriculums that the engineers of private companies in which university students will get their own jobs in near future could take important roles to conduct them. We believe that this activity would effective in reducing gaps they would feel between before and after getting jobs in practical society, and lowering the ratio of unemployment after getting jobs.


Learn-by-Doing;Engineering education;Collaboration;Career education


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