Trends and Future Prospects for Transborder Regional Cooperation in Northeast Aisa

뉴스초점: 동북아 초국경적 지역협력의 동향 및 전망

  • 이선 (기술사회, 신명건설기술공사)
  • Published : 2010.09.01


The 2010 PCRD(Presidential Committee on Regional Development) International Conference aims at designing regional policies to enhance regional growth potential and inter-regional cooperation. Increasing economic interdependence in Northeast Asia in particular among the 3 countries of China, japan and Korea, requires enlightened territorial development policies of each country to accommodate the need for close cooperation and networking across the border. The security problem in the Korean peninsula requires the importance for earnest dialogue and discussion between neighbors about the common future of Northeast Asia. Cross-border cooperation and networking will contribute to enhancing regional stability and development in this era of borderless globalization.