JE JU 4.3 and "4.3 Literature"

기술사마당: 문예 - "제주(濟州) 4.3"과 "4.3 文學(문학)"-

  • 양서윤 (한국씨엠이엔지(주), 한국건설기술인협회)
  • Published : 2010.09.01


The epoch-making event of history called "JE JU 4.3" took place in JE JU beautiful island on liberation political situation in 1948. The cruelties of this event were reported awful life loss over 30,000, cruel slaughter by government, scorched villages in mountain area, silence exaction and disadvantage of implication for long time over 40 years. But, the real features are in still a fog.. Recently, the searching movement has arised owing to democracy atmosphere and literature works with "JE JU4.3" materials were published from 1988 and the government announced official apologies in 2003. The novel "The Sun-set on Halla Mt", one of those works, is accessible to real history due to its time/space back ground and the real name of persons who were related with this event. It is important for readers to consider the difference between real history and fiction story. Because a historical novel should be evaluated by writer's theme rather than history character.