Prevention of Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders in Grapes Pinching by Using Electro-motion Scissors Designed Ergonomically

  • Chae, Hye-Seon (National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration) ;
  • Kim, Sung-Cheol (National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration) ;
  • Kim, Kwan-Woo (The Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization and Transfer) ;
  • Lee, Kyung-Suk (National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration) ;
  • Kim, Hoy-Cher (National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration) ;
  • Park, Keun-Sang (Department of Industrial Engineering, konkuk University)
  • 투고 : 2011.05.06
  • 심사 : 2011.10.24
  • 발행 : 2011.12.31


Objective: The purpose of this study is to assess the reducing effect of workload on developed electro-motion scissors. Methods: To achieve this, we measured the pressure distribution, Joint angle of fingers and JSI(Job Strain Index) for electro-motion scissors and hand-operated scissor in objective assessment and surveyed the uncomfortable degree in subjective assessment. Results: As a result, The peak of pressure in the electro-motion scissors was generally lower than the hand-operated scissors. JSI and overall joint angle of fingers for the electro-motion scissors were remarkably lower than the hand-operated scissors. Also, the subjective uncomfortable degree showed that the uncomfortable point of electro-motion scissors were generally lower than the hand operated scissors. Conclusion: The impact of reducing the work load as well as distributing the pressure around the hand by using electro-motion scissors during grapes pinching was confirmed.



연구 과제번호 : Research Program for Agricultural Science & Technology Development

연구 과제 주관 기관 : National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration


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