Analysis of Water Cycle Effect by Plan of LID-decentralized Rainwater Management Using SWMM-LID Model in a Low-carbon Green Village

SWMM-LID를 이용한 저탄소 녹색마을의 LID-분산형 빗물관리 계획에 따른 물순환 효과 분석

Lee, Jung-Min;Hyun, Kyoung-Hak;Lee, Yun-Sang;Kim, Jung-Gon;Park, Yong-Boo;Choi, Jong-Soo

  • Received : 2011.09.05
  • Accepted : 2011.10.26
  • Published : 2011.10.30


There was a plan to develop a low-carbon green village(approximately $400,000m^2$) in A city, a new town. Restoration of water cycle is essential for creation of the low-carbon green village. Therefore, installation plan of LID-decentralized rainwater management facilities for natural water cycle was established for creation of the low-carbon green village. Analyses on effect of the water cycle were performed in conditions of before, after developing the low-carbon green village and after installing the LID facilities(rain garden, constructed wetland, rainwater harvesting facility, etc.) using SWMM-LID model developed by EPA. Due to the characteristic of permeable area before development and significant green spaces after development, installation plan of LID facilities to restore the water cycle did not show an obvious effect. However, potential of the hydrological cycle could be seen by the installation of the LID facilities.


Water cycle plan;Rain garden;Constructed wetland;Rainwater harvesting facility;Infiltration splash block


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Grant : 아산탕정 물순환 그린도시 조성방안 연구, LID 기술을 이용한 홍수저감 효과분석