• Received : 2010.07.14
  • Published : 2011.11.30


Consider the $L^2$-adjoint $s_g^{'*}$ of the linearization of the scalar curvature $s_g$. If ker $s_g^{'*}{\neq}0$ on an n-dimensional compact manifold, it is well known that the scalar curvature $s_g$ is a non-negative constant. In this paper, we study the structure of the level set ${\varphi}^{-1}$(0) and find the behavior of Ricci tensor when ker $s_g^{'*}{\neq}0$ with $s_g$ > 0. Also for a nontrivial solution (g, f) of $z=s_g^{'*}(f)$ on an n-dimensional compact manifold, we analyze the structure of the regular level set $f^{-1}$(-1). These results give a good understanding of the given manifolds.


Supported by : Chung-Ang University


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