• Received : 2009.04.05
  • Published : 2011.01.01


Let D be an integral domain with quotient field K, X be a nonempty set of indeterminates over D, * be a star operation on D, $N_*$={f $\in$ D[X]|c(f)$^*$= D}, $*_w$ be the star operation on D defined by $I^{*_w}$ = ID[X]${_N}_*$ $\cap$ K, and [*] be the star operation on D[X] canonically associated to * as in Theorem 2.1. Let $A^g$ (resp., $A^{[*]g}$, $A^{[*]g}$) be the global (resp.,*-global, [*]-global) transform of a ring A. We show that D is a $*_w$-Noetherian domain if and only if D[X] is a [*]-Noetherian domain. We prove that $D^{*g}$[X]${_N}_*$ = (D[X]${_N}_*$)$^g$ = (D[X])$^{[*]g}$; hence if D is a $*_w$-Noetherian domain, then each ring between D[X]${_N}_*$ and $D^{*g}$[X]${_N}_*$ is a Noetherian domain. Let $\tilde{D}$ = $\cap${$D_P$|P $\in$ $*_w$-Max(D) and htP $\geq$2}. We show that $D\;\subseteq\;\tilde{D}\;\subseteq\;D^{*g}$ and study some properties of $\tilde{D}$ and $D^{*g}$.


star operation;[*]-operation on D[X];*-global transform;$*_w$-Noetherian domain;D[X]${_N}_*$;SM domain pair


Supported by : University of Incheon Research


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