Analyses of temperature change of a u-bolometer in Focal Plane Array with CTIA bias cancellation circuit

CTIA 바이어스 상쇄회로를 갖는 초점면 배열에서 마이크로 볼로미터의 온도변화 해석

  • Received : 2011.10.07
  • Accepted : 2011.11.02
  • Published : 2011.12.01


In this paper, we study the temperature change of a ${\mu}$-bolometer focal plane array with a capacitive transimpedance amplifier bias cancellation circuit. Thermal analysis is essential to understand the performance of a ${\mu}$-bolometer focal plane array, and to improve the temperature stability of a focal plane array characteristics. In this study, the thermal analyses of a ${\mu}$-bolometer and its two reference detectors are carried out as a function of time. The analyses are done with the $30{\mu}m$ pitch $320{\times}240$ focal plane array operating of 60 Hz frame rate and having a columnwise readout. From the results, the temperature increase of a ${\mu}$-bolometer in FPA by an incident IR is estimated as $0.689^{\circ}C$, while the temperature increase by a pulsed bias as $7.1^{\circ}C$, which is about 10 times larger than by IR. The temperature increase of a reference detector by a train of bias pulses may be increased much higher than that of an active ${\mu}$-bolometer. The suppression of temperature increase in a reference bolometer can be done by increasing the thermal conductivity of the reference bolometer, in which the selection of thermal conductivity also determines the range of CTIA output voltage.


${\mu}$-bolometer;FPA;Thermal analyses;CTIA bias cancellation circuit;High speed operation


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