Performance Comparison of Classication Methods with the Combinations of the Imputation and Gene Selection Methods

Kim, Dong-Uk;Nam, Jin-Hyun;Hong, Kyung-Ha

  • Received : 20111100
  • Accepted : 20111200
  • Published : 2011.12.31


Gene expression data is obtained through many stages of an experiment and errors produced during the process may cause missing values. Due to the distinctness of the data so called 'small n large p', genes have to be selected for statistical analysis, like classification analysis. For this reason, imputation and gene selection are important in a microarray data analysis. In the literature, imputation, gene selection and classification analysis have been studied respectively. However, imputation, gene selection and classification analysis are sequential processing. For this aspect, we compare the performance of classification methods after imputation and gene selection methods are applied to microarray data. Numerical simulations are carried out to evaluate the classification methods that use various combinations of the imputation and gene selection methods.


Gene expression;imputation;gene selection;classication


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