QoS Analysis of 3GPP Service based on PBMN and DiffServ

PBNM과 DiffServ 적용한 3GPP 서비스의 QoS 해석

  • 송복섭 (국립한밭대학교 정보통신전문대학원 컴퓨터공학과) ;
  • 김정호 (국립한밭대학교 정보통신전문대학원 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Received : 2011.08.24
  • Accepted : 2011.11.15
  • Published : 2011.12.28


In this paper, Policy-based QoS in 3GPP service network management techniques are not applied to the DiffServ technology is applied to the first interpretation. The next PBNM and DiffServ associated technologies by applying QoS performance improvement is verified. In this case that PBNM and DiffServ technology is applied, the amount of voice traffic reduced about 1 msec while best-effort traffic occurs 75 percent of the output link capacity. Also, video traffic which is the same as data traffic showed a decreased $0\sim10^{-4}$ packet loss rate than the case that DiffServ technology is applied. We apply the appropriate policy PBNM and DiffServ QoS mechanisms of the existing set of policies is not affected, just by using the appropriate 3GPP Service QoS level to suit the network operation, management can do that was found. This analytical method based on the University of California at Berkeley through NS-2 DiffServ technology into existing systems and next-generation networks mandated PBNM and DiffServ technology is applied to performance evaluation for the case.


PBNM and DiffServ;PBNM;DiffServ;3GPP;QoS;End-to-End QoS


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