Usefulness of Abdominal Fat Measured by Computed Tomography and Bioelectric Impedance Analysis as an Obesity Index

컴퓨터단층촬영과 생체전기 저항 분석법으로 측정된 복부지방의 비만지표로서의 유용성

  • 김미영 (단국대학교병원 영상의학과) ;
  • 김화선 (안산대학교 방사선과)
  • Received : 2011.08.23
  • Accepted : 2011.09.19
  • Published : 2011.12.28


For obesity management requires accurate measurement of abdominal fat. The purpose of this study was to find out the correlation between abdominal fat and lipid measured with BIA and CT. Secondly, This study investigate for usefulness of abdominal fat measured by BIA and CT as an obesity index. As a result, TG showed higher value in the overweight obese group than normal group but HDL showed lower value in the overweight obese group than normal group. TG and HDL appeared significantly relationship with by BIA and CT in the normal group. However, in the overweight obese group TG showed significantly relationship with the BIA. According to multiple regression analysis on BMF and TAF was affected by HDL in the normal group. And BMF, %BF was affected by TG in overweight obese group. In conclusion, abdominal fat showed significant correlation with lipid. Abdominal fat measured by BIA and CT to assess obesity index is considered as a useful way to evaluate.


CT;BIA;Abdominal Fat


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