Synthesis of Some New Condensed Pyrimidine Derivatives

  • Mohamed, Enaiat K. ;
  • Shehab, Wesam S.
  • Received : 2011.04.04
  • Accepted : 2011.07.28
  • Published : 2011.12.20


Cyclodehydration of 6-amino-5-cyano pyrimidine derivative (2) afforded pyrimidoisoindole derivatives (3). Compound (3) reacted with carbethoxymethylene derivative to give pyridopyrimidine derivatives (5a,b). Compound (3) was also reacted with formamide to give the corresponding pyrimidopyrimdine derivatives (6) that condensed with benzaldehyde to give Schiff's base (7). Refluxing of compound (3) with triethyl orthoformate afforded compound (8) that cyclized with ammonium hydroxide giving the same compound (6). Compound (8) cyclized with hydrazine hydrate giving compound (9) which also cyclized with triethyl orthoformate affording compound (10). Diazotization of compound (3) led to the formation of triazinopyrimidine derivative (11). Cyclization of compound (11) upon treatment with hydrazine hydrate afforded compound (12). Compound (15) was prepared from reaction of compound (3) and ethylenediamine in presence of carbon disulfide. The behaviour of compound (15) toward benzoyl chloride, triethyl orthoformate, nitrous acid and/or carbon disulfide was also described. All proposed structures were supported by elemental analyses, spectroscopic data and some of the new products showed antimicrobial activity.


Pyrimidoisonidole;Pyridopyrimidoisoindole;Pyrimidopyrimidoisoindole;Imidazolyl pyrimidoisoindole;Triazinopyrimidoisoindole and triazolopyrimido pyrimdoisoindole


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