Design of the Non-Resonant SWG Antenna with Double Slots in the Narrow Wall of Rectangular Waveguide

구형 도파관의 협벽에 이중 슬롯을 가진 비공진형 슬롯 도파관 안테나의 설계

  • Hur, Moon-Man (Core Technology Group, Radar R/D Center, Samsung Thales)
  • 허문만 (삼성탈레스 레이다연구소 요소기술그룹)
  • Published : 2011.01.31


In this paper, the non-resonant SWG(Slotted Waveguide) antenna with double slots in narrow wall of rectangular waveguide is designed. Because energy radiated from each slot depends upon inclination angle of slot of the designed antenna, inclination angle of each slot is controlled to satisfy the amplitude distribution for required sidelobe level. Instead of the conventional extraction method of slot conductance, this amplitude distribution is made by the proposed method, which employs far-field radiation pattern calculated by Fourier transform of aperture field distribution on slot. The non-resonant double SWG antenna is designed by the proposed method and is manufactured. The antenna performances are measured and compared with the simulated results.


Supported by : 삼성탈레스(주)


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