The characteristics of Mn-TiO2 catalyst for visible-light photocatalyst

Mn-TiO2 촉매의 가시광촉매 특성

  • Received : 2011.09.09
  • Accepted : 2011.12.05
  • Published : 2011.12.25


The catalyst works for visible-light region was characterized. Toluene, xylene, MEK and ammonia were used as reactants. The decomposition efficiency was compared between visible-light photocatalyst and UV-light one. UV-photocatalyst can be activated with UV-light wave length of 280~360 nm. However, visible-light photocatalyst can be activated with visible wave length of 400~750 nm. This result was found by using UV-Vis absorbance. A lot of materials were doped to visible light photocatalyst in order to increase its performance. Platinum was added to visible light photocatalyst with manganese in order to increase performance of the visible light photocatalyst. MTMS (Methyl tri methoxy silane) was used as a binder. Contact angle was analyzed varying with amount of binder. Contact angle was increased with increasing the amount of MTMS. As a result, the hydrophilic property of photocatalyst with MTMS binder was decreased due to its hydrophobic one. And Mn-$TiO_2$ catalyst had an excellent anti-bacterial property.


visible-ray photocatalyst;decomposition characteristic;Mn-$TiO_2$ photocatalyst


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