Optimal Algorithms for Voltage Management in Distribution Systems Interconnected with New Dispersed Sources

  • Rho, Dae-Seok (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Korea University of Technology) ;
  • Kook, Kyung-Soo (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Chonbuk National University) ;
  • Wang, Yong-Peel (Electrical Industry Researcher Institute of Korea)
  • Received : 2010.10.28
  • Accepted : 2010.11.24
  • Published : 2011.03.01


The optimal evaluation algorithms for voltage regulation in the case where new dispersed sources are operated in distribution systems are studied. Handling the interconnection issues for proper voltage managements are often difficult and complicated because professional skills and enormous amounts of data during evaluations are needed. Typical evaluation algorithms mainly depend on human ability and quality of data acquired, which inevitably cause the different results for the same issue. Thus, unfair and subjective evaluations are unavoidable. In order to overcome these problems, we propose reasonable and general algorithms based on the standard model system and proper criterion, which offers fair and objective evaluation in any case. The proposed algorithms are divided into two main themes. One is an optimal algorithm for the voltage control of multiple voltage regulators in order to deliver suitable voltage to as many customers as possible, and the other is a proper evaluation algorithm for the voltage management at normal and emergency conditions. Results from a case study show that proposed methods can be a practical tool for the voltage management in distribution systems including dispersed sources.


Supported by : Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP)


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