A Comparison Study on Accredited Architectural Education Contents between US and Korea

Kim, Jin-Wook

  • 투고 : 2011.05.12
  • 발행 : 2011.06.30


Since 2002, Architecture Schools in Korea was changing long traditional architectural education system from 4 years generalized architectural engineering curriculum to 5 years professional architecture program. Until 2010, 76 architecture schools have changed their program to 5 years course which was focused to design studio education. It was a very rapid change and there was not much time develop their own system which could represent institutional identity, character of students and local environment. Korea joined as a regular member of Canberra Accord in 2010 and it is meaningful to compare Korean architecture program contents to another country education contents. US architecture programs were selected for this comparison study. The goals of this study are to create a comparable understanding the form of contents of Architectural Education in US and Korea and to verify the substantial equivalence of these systems. To achieve above goals, three public institutes of each country were selected and analyzed with general information, history, resources, curriculum and the matrix of Student Performance Criteria for quantitative comparison. For qualitative comparison education context of programs were analyzed with program missions, the way of advising, professional connection and distribution of faculty loads.


Architectural Education;Accreditation;Curriculum;Professional Education


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