Bootstrap Estimation for GEE Models

일반화추정방정식(GEE)에 대한 부스트랩의 적용

Park, Chong-Sun;Jeon, Yong-Moon

  • Received : 20101000
  • Accepted : 20101200
  • Published : 2011.02.28


Bootstrap is a resampling technique to find an estimate of parameters or to evaluate the estimate. This technique has been used in estimating parameters in linear model(LM) and generalized linear model(GLM). In this paper, we explore the possibility of applying Bootstrapping Residuals, Pairs, and an Estimating Equation that are most widely used in LM and GLM to the generalized estimating equation(GEE) algorithm for modelling repeatedly measured regression data sets. We compared three bootstrapping methods with coefficient and standard error estimates of GEE models from one simulated and one real data set. Overall, the estimates obtained from bootstrap methods are quite comparable, except that estimates from bootstrapping pairs are somewhat different from others. We conjecture that the strange behavior of estimates from bootstrapping pairs comes from the inconsistency of those estimates. However, we need a more thorough simulation study to generalize it since those results are coming from only two small data sets.


Regression model;generalized estimating equation;bootstrap method


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