Accuracy of Multiple Outlier Tests in Nonlinear Regression

Kahng, Myung-Wook

  • Received : 20101100
  • Accepted : 20101200
  • Published : 2011.01.30


The original Bates-Watts framework applies only to the complete parameter vector. Thus, guidelines developed in that framework can be misleading when the adequacy of the linear approximation is very different for different subsets. The subset curvature measures appear to be reliable indicators of the adequacy of linear approximation for an arbitrary subset of parameters in nonlinear models. Given the specific mean shift outlier model, the standard approaches to obtaining test statistics for outliers are discussed. The accuracy of outlier tests is investigated using subset curvatures.


Curvature measures;intrinsic curvature;outlier test;parameter-effects curvature;subset curvatures


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Supported by : Sookmyung Women’s University