Corrosion Resistance of Cold Rolled Steel coated Organic/inorganic Hybrid Coating Solution According to Heat Treatment Temperature

유/무기 하이브리드 코팅액에 의한 냉간압연강판의 열처리 온도에 따른 내식특성

  • Received : 2011.04.28
  • Accepted : 2011.12.23
  • Published : 2011.12.31


The demand for cold rolled steel (CR) for structural members is gradually increasing. If no surface treatment (coating for corrosion resistance) for CR is conducted, its use is very limited because CR is vulnerable to corrosion. Therefore, we need to develop a coating solution to provide high corrosion resistance for CR. In this study, an organic/inorganic coating solution with Si and Ti (Si polysilicate 7 wt.% + Urethane 13 wt.% + Ti amorphous 0.5 wt.%; LR-0727(1)) was used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of CR under a salt spray test. The specimens with the LR-0727(1) coating were heat treated in a drying oven at $120{\sim}210^{\circ}C$for 5 min. The corrosion resistance was investigated using a salt spray test of 7 h. In addition, an adhesive test was conducted. Rust showed under a heat treatment of $150^{\circ}C$, but no vestiges were found over $160^{\circ}C$. The specimens with heat treatment at $160^{\circ}C$ or more did not experience delamination. From these results, it is considered that the temperature limit for optimum heat treatment is $160^{\circ}C$ considering energy efficiency.


Organic/inorganic hybrid;Cold rolled steel;Salt spray test;Coating solution;Heat treatment temperature


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