Accessibility Evaluation of Accredited Certificate Subscriber Software

공인인증서 가입자 소프트웨어의 접근성 평가

  • 홍경순 (한국정보화진흥원 정보접근지원부) ;
  • 최성은 (충북대학교 전자정보대학) ;
  • 김석일 (충북대학교 전자정보대학)
  • Received : 2010.09.30
  • Accepted : 2011.02.09
  • Published : 2011.02.28


This paper proposes methods of evaluating and measuring accessibility of accredited certificate subscriber software which is one of crucial applications to submit personal certifications while web surfing. The presented methodology is to evaluate accessibility by using a certain assessment tool and is to normalize accessibility level into points, so that the software developers who are unfamiliar to screen readers can easily perform accessibility evaluation. The software from the major 78 organizations has went through the assessment. Those of 48 organizations, 62% out of the total, have acquired less than 70 points, implying the software of them is not accessible by the blind. The remaining 18 software got the highest point(88), are partly inaccessible by the blind that uses screen readers. This implies that the proposed methods are applicable to evaluate the accessibility of the software.


Accredited Certificate Subscriber Software;Accessibility Evaluation;Checklist;Measurement;Accessibility Comparison


Supported by : 충북대학교


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