Distortion Invariant Vehicle License Plate Extraction and Recognition Algorithm

왜곡 불변 차량 번호판 검출 및 인식 알고리즘

  • 김진호 (경일대학교 전자공학과)
  • Received : 2011.01.24
  • Accepted : 2011.03.24
  • Published : 2011.03.28


Automatic vehicle license plate recognition technology is widely used in gate control and parking control of vehicles, and police enforcement of illegal vehicles. However inherent geometric information of the license plate can be transformed in the vehicle images due to the slant and the sunlight or lighting environment. In this paper, a distortion invariant vehicle license plate extraction and recognition algorithm is proposed. First, a binary image reserving clean character strokes can be achieved by using a DoG filter. A plate area can be extracted by using the location of consecutive digit numbers that reserves distortion invariant characteristic. License plate is recognized by using neural networks after geometric distortion correction and image enhancement. The simulation results of the proposed algorithm show that the accuracy is 98.4% and the average speed is 0.05 seconds in the recognition of 6,200 vehicle images that are obtained by using commercial LPR system.


Plate Detection;Plate Recogntion;LPR;Image Enhancement;Distortion Invariant


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