Spectral Analysis Accompanied with Seasonal Linear Model as Applied to Intra-Day Call Prediction

스펙트럼 분석과 계절성 선형 모델을 이용한 Intra-Day 콜센터 통화량예측

Shin, Taek-Soo;Kim, Myung-Suk

  • Received : 20101000
  • Accepted : 20110100
  • Published : 2011.04.30


In this paper, a seasonal variable selection method using the spectral analysis accompanied with seasonal linear model is suggested. The suggested method is applied to the prediction of intra-day call arrivals at a large North American commercial bank call center and a signi cant intra-month seasonal variable I detected. This newly detected seasonal factor is included in the seasonal linear model and is compared with the seasonal linear models without this variable to see whether the new variable helps to improve the forecasting performance. The seasonal linear model with the new variable outperformed the models without it in one-day-ahead forecasting.


Call volume forecast;intra-day call arrival;seasonal linear model;seasonal variable selection;spectral analysis


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