A Study of Sample Size for Two-Stage Cluster Sampling

이단계 집락추출에서의 표본크기에 대한 연구

  • Received : 20110200
  • Accepted : 20110300
  • Published : 2011.04.30


In a large scale survey, cluster sampling design in which a set of observation units called clusters are selected is often used to satisfy practical restrictions on time and cost. Especially, a two stage cluster sampling design is preferred when a strong intra-class correlation exists among observation units. The sample Primary Sampling Unit(PSU) and Secondary Sampling Unit(SSU) size for a two stage cluster sample is determined by the survey cost and precision of the estimator calculated. For this study, we derive the optimal sample PSU and SSU size when the population SSU size across the PSU are di erent by extending the result obtained under the assumption that all PSU have the same number of SSU. The results on the sample size are then applied to the $4^{th}$ Korea Hospital Discharge results and is compared to the conventional method. We also propose the optimal sample SSU (discharged patients) size for the $7^{th}$ Korea Hospital Discharge Survey.


Two-stage cluster sampling;Primary Sampling Unit(PSU);Secondary Sampling Unit(SSU);sample size;Korea Hospital Discharge Survey


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