Study on Very High-Rate Power Line Communications for Smart Grid

스마트그리드를 위한 초고속 전력선통신기술 연구

  • Received : 2011.02.18
  • Accepted : 2011.05.12
  • Published : 2011.06.01


In this paper, we study on the reliability of Very High-rate Power Line Communication (VH-PLC) for Smart Grid, so that the resultant data rate is over 400Mbps at a physical layer. Firstly, reviewing the research trend of the PLC, we discuss the required techniques for supporting the Smart Grid. Considering a pre-specification with the value of several parameters, we investigate a multi-carrier modulation technique to overcome limitations of higher rate transmission under power line channel environments. Then, we propose a system specification of the VH-PLC in the sense of enhancing two features. One is resolving the problem of the co-existence of the deployed high-speed PLC according to the published standardization of KS X 4600-1 in Korea. The other is getting better performance on the grid adopting the diverse element techniques, such as multi-carrier modulation, a subcarrier utilization mode, a variable rate LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) code, and a time and frequency diversity technique. Further, a simulation tool, composed of an Event-Driven simulator and a Time-Driven simulator, is developed for the purpose of verifying the system performance and continuously cross-checking the test bench signal of the proposed VH-PLC system.


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